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The Mind Gym

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Every morning when I wake up, before I get out of bed, I have a little prayer and it starts with “Guide my feet, Lord, while I run this race. Hold my hand, Lord, while I run this race. That starts my day everyday. Because there are some days I just don’t know what I’m in for. Or I just don’t want to face it.” – Barbara Smith Conrad

There is a need for spiritual calmness in my life and the time has never been better. Often we invest so much in our physical, exterior shells as though our identities are bound within these frames and often neglect the seed of our prosperity, our fulfillment, our real selves – our minds or as some may put it, our souls.

Today I begin my practice of daily meditation, not for miraculous rewards but rather to take the time to introduce me to myself…once again.

The Mind G

From A Distance

Location: Wicklow, Dublin.

I don’t know why I haven’t shared in over 7 months. These last few months have kept me busy but I allowed myself no creative time to come back here and share either. Today, I change this. I dislike living a life of ‘shoulds’ – but I admit I should spend more time on my website, more time doing photography, more time simply creating!

Have you ever wondered how from a distance, things suddenly start to make sense? The frame somehow manages to capture the full potential of an image. We hold on so tightly to things and people that we lose our ability to focus on this bigger frame. Today, I let go a little and chose looking at a situation from a distance – suddenly, it made perfect sense.

It is impossible to say why we love something or someone. We can come up with reasons if we have to, but the important part happens in the dark, beyond our control. We just know when it is there – John A. Lindqvist.

From A Distance

Part Of A Bigger Puzzle

Location: Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.

The ocean makes me feel small…the good kind of small.

The ‘small’ that suggests I am part of a bigger puzzle in this universe. That somehow I’ve been planned to fit easily, and it all makes sense. If you ever get caught up in the falsehood of the ego, take yourself to the ocean and feel the vastness of your surrounding for a lesson in humility.

The other day a friend and I rented a car and drove along Dublin’s coastal strip. It clearly was a treat I craved desperately. Among other places, we stopped at the breathtaking town of Dun Laoghaire – beautiful, calming, and inviting as ever. Walking down the pier at Dun Laoghaire makes me happy. I see smiling faces, families, pet dogs, children running along the pier, the chatty elderly folk that sit by the pavement all day – everything and everyone seems simple and cheerful. Just what I needed on a Sunday afternoon, to key myself to a bigger puzzle called the universe.

Kicking Off 2012 With Some Stockholm Soldiers

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

For my 21st birthday this year (yeah, because I said so!), I treated myself to a fun & friend-filled weekend in Stockholm. Sweden has always fascinated me – the food (read ‘meat balls’), the people (charming as you’d expect), and the design acumen that is very hard to miss here. Stockholm is clearly a classy city with a great attitude and amazing food. From walking through palaces, eating the Swedish version of the brownie and cinnamon buns, checking out the latest metrosexual trends, to partying the night away and slipping back to the hotel at 7am –  I would go back in a heartbeat.

What better way to share Stockholm with a glimpse of palace guards freeing up their shift and playing celebrities to tourists?

2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,200 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 53 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Innocence of Childhood

Location: Cannes, France.

The one (and often underrated) thing about childhood is it’s refreshing innocence. The same thing we often trade for the complexity of adulthood. Spending time with my nieces (ages 8 years and 2 years), I’m often reminded of this gift that I traded along the way as well. Do I value childhood-like innocence enough to go back to being a child? Probably not. However, it sure is worthwhile to acknowledge this gift and encourage children to stay in it’s glory for as long as they can. Meanwhile, adults can dip their toes from time to time by being ‘grown-up’ kids at heart.


Wild Horses

Location: Along the river Shannon, Ireland

One of my favorite shots of 2011. Wild horses running free on green, country pastures – couldn’t find a better sentiment as I enter 2012. For the coming year, I feel ready, confident, positive, and more importantly, free to explore what I want to experience, the way I want to.

The Sunday Sophie

This weekend was more than festive – full of close friends, wine, cheese, a bit of vodka and lots of sun.

Sophie (my four-legged crush) was very thankful for the sun too. After being the star of the show at my house party on Friday night, she needed a peaceful rest of the weekend to catch up on her beauty sleep. With the sun beating down, all she did was eat, lick herself clean, and pack in hours of sleep.

I’m happy to report she is fully recuperated now, all ready for her next adventure, that is, hiding my stuff!

The Very Beautiful Arc de Triomphe

Paris is in no way overrated – at least from what I’ve seen there so far. There is a unique feel about the city, and every other building is a classic piece in style. If you can take public smoking in cafes and restaurants, and make an effort at French, pleasure is almost a guarantee here. It is hard to choose a favorite monument in Paris, I’m torn between the very obvious (and deserving) Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. What earns the latter brownie points is the fact that it is conveniently at the end of a busy shopping street – your ideal treat after a day of senseless splurging.

The Real (Australian Kinda) Summer

Ireland is a fantastic place for many reasons, summer isn’t one of them. There can be weeks when a partially sunny day is the best weather treat you could ask for. Obviously, summer is a short-lived memory for most years. After living here for four years, you would imagine it to get easier to cope with, but you are wrong – the craving only gets more intense, and so does my whining.

What I craved today was a sunny, lazy afternoon by the sea – an afternoon of unplanned nothingness. Perth, Australia came to mind – clear skies, blue ocean, and a perfect cold cocktail. I shall wait for my day in the sun!


The Dublin Gay Pride 2011

June 25th was among the most colorful days on Dublin streets – it was the Dublin Gay Pride 2011.

I have to be honest, having lived in Dublin for 4 years, this was the first time that I made an effort to watch the parade, the equivalent of participation per my books. The only reason that prevented me previously was the fact that I found it hard to wake up at a weekend and get myself in time at 2pm to watch the Parade. Usually, I am found sleeping off an evening of intense socializing on a given Saturday afternoon – but this year I’m glad it changed.

We managed to wake up at a good hour for a weekend, have fresh coffee and sandwiches, and walked our way to the city centre to witness all the glitz. The atmosphere was one of anticipation, I could see people supporting the cause with messages on their t-shirts trying to find a good spot to cheer on the crowd.

The parade was great fun! You could see thoughtful messages, professional dancers, entertainers, elaborate costumes, divas, drag hotties, bad wigs, terrible style quotients, gym-fit bodies, glamour kittens, cool dudes, attractive queens – you name it, they had it. Of course, there was the Google contingent as well – promoting Android.

I enjoyed watching the spectacle of people celebrating diversity but more importantly themselves. It was heart warming to see old parents and family marching the Parade with their gay sons and daughters. It was the acceptance of love. Coming from a country and now living in one where homosexuality is still wrapped up in labels and assumptions, it is satisfying to acknowledge that it isn’t always about white and black, we all have our grays and guess what – it’s OK!

I know I’ll be watching it all over again in 2012, until then, I hope you enjoy these shots.

The Mesh of Life

This photograph reminds me of the complexity that spans across our lives. Probably the thing that makes the affair worth the years, we all get entangled, stumble, and fall on this mesh from time to time.

What’s life without all the drama anyway?! The trick I suppose is to realize you’ve fallen and get back up with a learning to only find yourself back on that mesh – this time to learn something new. There is light on the other side (signified by the yellow background), seeping through the spaces in the mesh to remind us that hope should die last.

Photographed in San-Remo, the Italian Riviera.

Age of Religion

The link between age and religion is fascinating. I’m not sure if it is the achievement of ‘sense’ that comes with age or the nearness to death that is the motivating factor. It is almost as though you live a life of fun and mistakes but when the sun is about to set, you are ready to make peace and finally get it. I’m not a supporter of any correlation on this topic nor am I suggesting this to be a universal truth. This photograph reminded me of this link, and I decided to share what it made me feel.

This was photographed in Venice, Italy.

Wake Me Up Rich In Monaco

If I had the money, I so would live in Monaco for a few weeks together. I’d wake up late on a sunny morning, walk down swirly pavements, and enjoy an exotic brunch looking at the Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo. I’d then round-up my day with an expensive coffee at the Cafe de Paris and find my way to the hidden elevator that runs through the hilly city.

Monaco comes across wealthy and stylish, almost proud of her beauty while she tempts you to explore your darker side. Expensive shops, expensive cars, expensive houses, expensive buildings – ‘expensive’ just is the norm here, so I’ll gladly replace it with ‘grand’ – everything is grand with luxury.

Although I only spent a day in Monaco, I gathered a very good impression of the city-state. It is a place that doesn’t make you feel guilty to show off and splurge your wealth around. The views are stunning and definitely leave a mark.

The Innocence of Childhood

My sister celebrated entering a new age decade today. Got me thinking, how we gain perspective as we age and lose innocence along the way. Small pleasures cease to provide enormous satisfaction, and ‘enough’ is just not enough any longer. When traveling, you get to see so many children – I watch their innocence and wonder how long before they grow up and get to conform to an expectation or a label.

Although growing up is inevitable (at least in most cases), I hope we all find our way back to that childhood innocence with the help of a person, a memory, or an event. That is the place where hope lives and comfort thrives when the adult world seems pointless. Dedicating this post to the lucky ones that still have the gift of innocence.